Easy Import auto-created transform map ignores a field that has the same name as the table.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a table with the following specifications:

    • Label: platform
    • Name: u_platform 
  2. Click Save.

  3. Add four fields to the table.

    Note: Ensure that one of the fields has the same name as the table (u_platform in this example).

    • u_active (True/False)
    • u_application_executive (Reference to User)
    • u_platform (String with a max length of 100)
    • u_platform_leader (Reference to User)
  4. In the application navigator, enter

  5. Right-click the header and select Import.

    1. Select Insert.
    2. Check the box to create an Excel template.
    3. Check the box to include all fields in the template.
    4. Click Create Excel Template.
    5. Click Download.
    6. In the Excel file, enter valid data for each of the four fields and save the file.
    7. Navigate back to the instance and click Choose File.
    8. Select the completed Excel template file.
    9. Click Upload.
  6. Click Preview Imported Data.

  7. Click Complete Import.

    Although the values for Active, Application Executive, and Platform Leader are successfully transformed into the target table, u_platform, the value for Platform is not transformed into u_platform target table.

    Note: If you navigate to the Transform Map record automatically created after this process, there is no Field Map for the u_platform.u_platform field.




Do not use the same name for the field and the table.

Related Problem: PRB733501

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 5

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