If the glide.ui.related_list.floating_scrollbars property is set to true, the template bar cannot be toggled more than once per form load.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In the Application Navigator, type sys_properties.list into the Filter navigator field and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  2. Search for and open the record for glide.ui.related_list.floating_scrollbars.
    If the property does not exist, create the property (Type = true | false).
  3. Ensure that the property Value is set to true.
  4. Open any record.
    For example, navigate to Incident > All and open an incident record.
  5. Click the More options icon  and select Toggle Template Bar.
    The template bar is displayed if it was not already or hidden if it was already displayed.
  6. Click the More options icon  again and select Toggle Template Bar.
    Note that nothing occurs. You may also receive browser errors.


Save any changes made to the form or just reload the form. The template bar will toggle (on or off) once per form load.

Related Problem: PRB754743

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