Upon upgrade, the following takes place:

  • Current syslog_transactionX tables are renamed to syslog_trans_prefujiX
  • New/empty syslog_transaction tables are created, saving hours on an upgrade as new columns were added to syslog_transaction.

The data in syslog_trans_prefujiX is never added back into syslog_transaction, so from a user interface perspective, the data appears to be missing.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Perform one of the following:
    • From a pre-Fuji instance, upgrade to Fuji
    • From a pre-Geneva instance, upgrade to Geneva
  2. After the upgrade is finished, navigate to System Logs > Transactions.
  3. Add a filter to show [Created] [on] [day before the upgrade ran].
  4. Click Run.
    Note that there are no records.
  5. Perform one of the following to reach the corresponding shard:
    • For upgrades to Fuji, navigate to syslog_trans_prefujiX 
    • For upgrades to Geneva, navigate to syslog_trans_pregenevaX

Note that the records are present.



In order to view the missing transaction log data, access the temporary tables used during the upgrade.

For upgrades to Fuji:

  • syslog_trans_prefujiX
    For example, demonightlyupgrade.service-now.com/syslog_trans_prefuji0000_list.do

For upgrades to Geneva:

  • syslog_trans_pregenevaX
    For example, demonightlyupgrade.service-now.com/syslog_trans_pregeneva0000_list.do

Note: The syslog_trans_pregenevaX shard corresponds to the date/time specified in the sys_table_rotation_schedule record for syslog_transaction. 

Related Problem: PRB674002

Seen In

Fuji Patch 3
Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Helsinki Patch 2

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