In UI16, uploading a banner image causes a login navigation issue. Because the system attachment (image) files are protected, users who do not have the image already cached are incorrectly directed to the image file after logging in.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Upload a new image for use as glide.product.image or use Basic Configuration UI16 to upload a new banner image. 
  2. For more information, see Customize the logo in system properties in the product documentation.
  3. Log out.
  4. Clear your browser cache (Shift + Click Refresh for Chrome) or use an incognito browser.
  5. Log in again.
    Note that the main frame is redirected to the banner image instead of the homepage being displayed.



Two possible solutions are available:

  • Do nothing. Users will experience the issue only once. After the image is cached by their browser, this issue does not occur again unless the browser cache is cleared.

  • Add a whitelist entry for sys_properties to the sys_security_restricted_list table. The whitelist allows images attached to the records in the specified table to be viewed without being logged in. Creating a whitelist record in the sys_security_restricted list allows any images attached to sys_properties records to be viewed without the user being logged in as long as you have the exact file name. Use the following values for the record in the sys_security_restricted_list:
    • Active: true
    • List context: image_restricted_table_pattern
    • Value: sys_properties
    • List type: whitelist

Related Problem: PRB752083

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Istanbul Patch 3

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