Users with approval privileges cannot see the details of a change request they have been requested to approve. This is noticed in the approval record when the user only possess the 'approver_user' role.

The reason the change request details are not shown is related to an issue with the platform approval summarizer cache and a simple workaround is available to resolve the issue.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure you have a user with the 'approver_user' role only
  2. Create a normal change request, assign the group containing the user with the "approver_user" role to it, and set the state to Assess so the approvers are requested
  3. Login with the approver user
  4. Navigate to Self-Service > My Approvals
  5. Open the change request you have been requested as approver
  6. The change request details will not be visible at the bottom of the approval record form


To resolve this issue, simply rearrange the form layout to force the cache to be refreshed when accessing the Approval record.

  1. Navigate to Self-Service > My Approvals
  2. Change the Form Layout (use the UI action Configure > Form Layout)
  3. Move the Approval Summarizer to the top of the Selected list
  4. Click Save

Note: Even though the Approval Summarizer has been moved to the top of the form layout it will still display at the bottom of the form.

Related Problem: PRB743499

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