Upgrading to Istanbul overview


The Istanbul release provides enhancements that drive the enterprise service model and improve the user experience. This article provides information and links to additional resources to help you upgrade to Istanbul and establish best practices in each section below:

  • Before Upgrading to Istanbul – Review best practices before upgrading
  • Highlights – Find out what's new in Istanbul
  • Additional Resources – Obtain more information about the Istanbul release


Before upgrading to Istanbul

Review the Upgrade and migration tasks by application or feature in the product documentation before upgrading an instance to Istanbul



A few significant highlights include:

  • Automated Test Framework - Run automated tests against your instance after modifying or upgrading to ensure that all is working correctly.
  • Script Debugger - Debug server-side JavaScript.
  • Portfolio budget forecasting - Forecast how much a project will cost based on different factors.
  • Service Map Planner - Gather and test all service mapping information in one central location. 
  • Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench - Schedule, plan, and manage CAB meetings.


Additional resources


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