In Helsinki, the single integration semaphore pool was introduced enabling all integration traffic to be directed through the same pool. It is designed to override the designated semaphore pools that have been specified (by customer).

This PRB addresses the fact that if an instance heavily uses the affected integration pool (JSON or SOAP) it can flood the new single integration pool and cause requests to get rejected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure you are on a pre-Helsinki instance.
  2. Create a custom semaphore pool for an integration (e.g. using "JSON" in parameters). In this example we'll use JSON (has also been seen with SOAP).
  3. Upgrade instance to Helsinki. After the upgrade, note there is now a "API_INT" semaphore pool in addition to the pool created in step 1.
  4. Send JSON integration traffic and note that it is directed through the API_INT pool.



Remove the affected integration from the conditions on the sys_semaphore record.

NOTE: Customer Support will need to implement this workaround as access to this table is restricted.  Will need "maint" access.

For example, if you have a custom semaphore pool for JSON traffic and after upgrade to Helsinki these requests are flooding the API_INT pool you will want to remove "JSON" from the Parameters field.

Related Problem: PRB738811

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