Text Search does not match partial numbers or codes, as for example, incident or article numbers.

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Login any demo instance on any release
2 - Create a new Incident record and take note of the number generated, i.e.: INC0012345
3 - Wait for reindexing or force by navigating to sys_trigger.list and executing  "text index events process"
4 - After a few minutes perfrom a global search for 0012345 without any wildcard nor quotes. INC0012345 might display in the results, as the only left over characters are letters.
5 - Repeat previous step step 4 for 012345 or 12345. Observe no matches will be found.


This is expected behaviour. Keyword search for a text string including partial numbers and prefixes should always be performed including wildcards "*" or "%".
The stemming algorithm is used on non-numbers to find related words (e.g. "words" -> "word"). Task number fields are indexed as well, but without prefix tags (i.e. INT) or leading zeros. However, the text search still executes an exact match of the query with the indexed tokens, unless wildcards are used. Additional results outside of an exact may be inconsistent.


Related Problem: PRB579531

Seen In

Berlin Patch 5 Hot Fix 2
Dublin Patch 1
Geneva Patch 3 Hot Fix 2
Helsinki Patch 3 Hot Fix 7

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