Global UI script does not appear to be triggered anymore after upgrade to Helsinki


If running Knowledge V2, you might notice that Global UI scripts seem to stop working after upgrading to Helsinki. This might be caused by errors in the out-of-box UI Script, Knowledge ESS Fix. The UI Script was designed to work with Knowledge V3 and causes problems when active when using Knowledge V2.



Other UI Scripts, besides Knowledge ESS Fix, do not execute.



The Knowledge ESS fix UI script is for Knowledge V3 and does not work with Knowledge V2. If using Knowledge V2, the script can be safely disabled as it is only required if Knowledge V3 is active.

  1. The Knowledge ESS Fix UI Script was introduced in Helsinki Patch 4 (2016-06-24 19:31:35).
  2. The script was designed to address issues for Knowledge V3; specifically, issues with iframe re-sizing.
  3. In an out-of-box instance with Knowledge V3, there are no issues with having Knowledge ESS Fix script enabled.
  4. However, if using Knowledge V2, the script may cause issues. Specifically the observed symptom is that other global UI Scripts do not fire.
  5. To workaround these issues, safely disable the script as the script is not designed for V2 version.

When disabling the script, remember to turn it back on if activating Knowledge V3.

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Last Updated:2017-09-18 12:14:11