Reference Qualifier's filter conditions can be ignored in non-English languages. The translations ignore the reference qualifiers, so references are wrongly linked when there are records with the same display values, which are then treated by the interface like duplicates.

When you have a reference field on a form or in the Service Catalog in which the Display field for that reference table is a translated_field/translated_text internal type the auto-complete will only look for English values and not the values in your language when it is other than English.


Steps to Reproduce


    1. Log in as administrator
    2. Install any language plugin, for example, I18N: French - Canada Translations
    3. Modify the new_call.request_item Reference Qual condition with the following conditions:
      • Active is True
      • Class is Catalog Item
    4. Open a new_call Record
    5. Change the Call type to Request
    6. In the Request Item field, type *a
      Note that the first available item is Active Clones, which matches the criteria as it is a Catalog Item class
    7. Switch the language to French-Canadian
    8. Open a new_call Record
    9. Change the Call type Type d'appel to Request Demande
    10. In the Request Item field, type *a

Note that the first available item is Absence autorisée, Leave of absence, which should not appear because its class is Record Producer.



1. Create a variable of type reference on a catalog item (Exmaple Report Outage)
1a Reference sc_cat_item
1b Reference Qualifier Simple.
(Screen shot attached)
2. Select system language as English
3. When you now go to the catalog item and type ra you will see an option coming up as ratings (Screen shot attached)
4. when now change the language to non english (Ex Portugese)
5. The auto complete is not coming up (Screen shot attached)


If you are able to upgrade, check the Fixed In field below to determine the available versions that have a permanent fix. On instances not containing the fix (pre-Jakarta Patch 9 and pre-Kingston Patch 4) the only workaround is to switch the instance to English. 


Related Problem: PRB687400

Seen In

Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 6

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 4

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