With the glide.knowman.use_live_feed system property set to true, knowledge feedback is stored in both the kb_feedback and live_message tables.

Users with the knowledge_admin role have ACL permission to delete from the kb_feedback table. They do not however have ACL access to delete from the live_message table.

When deleting from kb_feedback as knowledge_admin, this deletes the feedback entry from that table, but when viewing the article, the feedback still shows. This is because the knowledge article's comments are generated from the live_message table.

The knowledge_admin role should have ACL permissions to delete from live_message when it is related to a knowledge article.

Steps to Reproduce



  1. Log in to an instance with demo data as knowledge administrator
  2. Open KB0000033, and click View Article in the related links section
  3. In the Add a comment field at the bottom of the page, type in "this is an inappropriate comment" and press the Post button.
  4. Navigate to User Administration > Users and open the profile of "ITIL User".
  5. In the Roles related list click Edit... and add the "knowledge_admin" role to the user
  6. Impersonate "ITIL User"
  7. Navigate to Knowledge > Administration > Feedback
  8. Open the feedback you added in step 5 and delete the record
  9. Open KB0000033, and click View Article in the related links section


After deleting the record from kb_feedback, the inappropriate comment remains visible at the bottom of the article. It is impossible for a knowledge_admin user to delete the comment from the live_message table.


This is expected behaviour. As a workaround, the instance administrator should:

- Create an additional access control rule (ACL) on the live_message table which allows the appropriate permissions to delete records from this table when they are associated with kb_knowledge records
- Perform the feedback entry deletion ad system administrator, in which case both the kb_feedback and live_message records are removed.


Related Problem: PRB742165

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