Creating email notifications for clone progress


While a clone is running, there are currently no notifications sent until the clone has finished.

Many customers would like to monitor their clones overnight using email to ensure that the clone is progressing. Currently, clone status can only be checked by logging in to your instance or logging in to HI.

This article explains how to create email notifications for clone progress.


Steps to create notification
  1. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Notifications.
  2. In the Table column, select Clone Log [clone_log].
  3. Go to the When to Send section or tab.
  4. In Send when, select Record inserted or updated.
  5. In Condition, specify Clone.clone class is System Clone.
  6. Go to the Who will receive section or tab.
  7. In Users and in Groups, specify who should receive the notifications.
  8. Go to the What will it contain section or tab.
  9. Create subject for notification. (Clone - $⁠{message} - $⁠{clone.data_percent_complete}.
  10. The default message HTML would be:

    Clone Progress : $⁠{clone.data_percent_complete}




Clone Progress : 1%

Starting Clone Preparation

This notification is basic, but you can customize the email notification to contain more data or use a specific template. 

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