If a workflow variable has the type translated_text, and you are not using English, then all activities in any workflow with this variable will show the same value. While using English, one can set these values independently.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Install any language plugin, for example, I18N: Spanish Translations.
  3. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary and open the task_instructions column variables var_m_...
  4. For each of them, change the type from String to Translated Text and save the dictionary entries.
  5. Open the workflow editor.
  6. Check out the Comprehensive Change workflow.
  7. Open the Plan Create Task activity.
  8. Set Task values from to Fields.
    Note: If at any point you cannot see the Instructions field on a Create Task activity, setting this value to Fields should make it appear.
  9. Set the Instructions to en plan and click Save.
  10. Open up the Build Create Task activity.
  11. Set the Instructions to en build and click Save.
  12. Hover over each activity to preview. Note that the Instructions are different.
  13. Change your language to Spanish.
  14. Open up the Plan Create Task activity.
  15. Set the Instructions to sp plan and click Save.
  16. Open up the Build Create Task activity.
    The instructions should already be set to sp plan.
    Previewing all the other Create Task activities show that they all have the value sp plan.
  17. Try to change the Instructions on any Create Task activity in any workflow. Updating it in one place updates it everywhere.
    Contrast this behavior for how it works in English, where each activity can have its own value for the variable.


This is expected behavior. Activity variables do not support the translated_text element type.

Up to the Istanbul release, the translated_field type could be used instead, allowing to set translated display values, not the underlying variable values, independently.

Related Problem: PRB589899

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