In Service Portal, help text is displayed on the page. It should be hidden with the toggle option available.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  2. Open any catalog item.
  3. Create or edit a variable.
  4. In the Question tab or section, select the Show Help option.
  5. Add a Help tag.
  6. Add Help text.
  7. Click Update.
  8. Click Try It to view the item.
    Note the toggle link with help tag title and help text.
  9. Open the same item on Service Portal.
    Note that there is no toggle link and that all help text is displayed inline with other variables. The toggle link should be present and the text should only display when toggled.



This issue is not a product defect, as the described functionality was not initially included with the SC Catalog Item widget. For more information on the design of the help text in the Service Portal UI please refer to the following blog:

Help Text Options for Service Catalog Variables

Related Problem: PRB713641

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 3
Helsinki Patch 4
Helsinki Patch 5

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