Patching & Upgrades Program | Definition of Unsupported Release

This article provides the ServiceNow definition of the term "Unsupported Release." 


Unsupported releases

Customers using a non-supported release family do not have the most current feature, availability, performance and security version of the Subscription Service. 


Customers should be aware that if they are using a non-supported family that:

  • While ServiceNow will continue to provide customer support for incidents, you may be required to upgrade to a supported release family to correct a defect.  ServiceNow is not obligated to provide patches or hot fixes for an non-supported release family.
  • Any service level agreements and associated service credits, support targets, and/or recovery time objectives or recovery point objectives are not applicable to non-supported release families.
  • ServiceNow can apply an upgrade to a supported release family if necessary, in our reasonable judgment, to maintain the availability, security or performance of the Subscription Service with short or no notice, which means, if necessary to protect our customer base, an upgrade could be applied ahead of any previously scheduled upgrade.


Additional information
For more information about the ServiceNow upgrade policy, see our Subscription Service Guide.

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