Because the email client from an incident form posts the Work Notes or customer-visible Additional Comments content into the target URL of the email form, the form fails to open when the fields contain an excessive amount of text.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and open an existing incident.

  2. Insert into the Work Notes or customer-visible Additional Comments field text consisting of approximately 6,000 characters.

    Do not save or update.

  3. Click  at the top of the incident and click Email.

    A blank form displays and fails to prepare the email quick message as expected.

    The relative part of the URL that is produced resembles the following example:

    /[long text]......&sysparm_domain_restore=false&sysparm_stack=no

    where .......[long text]...... is the entire untruncated content of the Work Notes or Additional Comments field.


Reduce the length of the text. The email client is not intended for large email blocks of text, which are limited to 1 Mb by default.

KB0598962 - Email client fails to save or send email if a certain size is exceeded

Related Problem: PRB636111

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Fuji Patch 3

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