When presence is enabled, users should see an indicator in the activity stream when another user is typing in the stream for that record. This indicator works if you type in the list view of an activity stream, but not if you type in the form view of the stream.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In two browser sessions, log in to an instance as two different users who have access to the incident table, such as System Administrator and ITIL User.

  2. As both users, navigate to Incident > Open and click the activity stream icon in the list header.

  3. As both users, click the same activity stream entry to drill down into the record stream.

    Note that you see an indicator that the other user is viewing.

  4. As ITIL User, start typing.

  5. As System Administrator, note that you see an indicator that ITIL User is typing.

  6. As System Administrator, click the Open Record button to view the form.

  7. On the form, scroll down to the activity stream.

    Note that you see an indicator that ITIL User is typing.

  8. If you don't see the typing indicator, have ITIL User type some more text.

  9. As System Administrator, type continuously in the form activity stream.

    As ITIL User, note that you do not see a typing indicator.




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