Performance Analytics - Condition Builder does not render any defined conditions and the Preview button also does not work. This behavior applies only to releases prior to Jakarta. For Jakarta and later this issue does not occur.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Sources > Indicator Sources or Performance Analytics > Sources > Breakdown Sources.
  3. Create a new record.
  4. Insert a mandatory field.
  5. Fill Facts Table field with Incident.

Expected result: List v2 condition builder should be displayed.

Actual result: New List v3 condition builder and related list are displayed.

Note: List v3 uses condition builder v2 AND list v2 uses condition builder v1.


  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.
  3. Search for the tables pa_cubes and pa_dimensions.
  4. Open record with "Type" = Conditions.
  5. Remove from the Attributes field: condition_builder=v2,allow_related_list_query=true".
  6. Save the record.

Result: List v2 condition builder is displayed.

Related Problem: PRB725825

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