Mobile Release Notes

The ServiceNow Mobile releases provide fixes for the ServiceNow iOS and Android mobile applications.


iOS releases

To download the latest ServiceNow iOS release, visit the iOS App Store.

Release versionRelease typeReleased onAvailability
iOS v6.0.1Patch12/12/17Available
iOS v6.0Version11/17/17Unavailable
iOS v5.2Patch10/5/17Unavailable
iOS v5.1Patch07/19/17Unavailable
iOS v5.0Version05/08/17Unavailable
iOS v4.3Patch03/31/17Unavailable
iOS v4.2Patch03/01/17Unavailable
iOS v4.1Patch01/09/17Unavailable

iOS v4.0

Istanbul mobile release notes

iOS v3.0.3Patch 09/30/16Unavailable
iOS v3.0.2Patch 07/21/16Unavailable
iOS v3.0.1Patch 06/15/16Unavailable
iOS v3.0Version 04/28/16Unavailable
iOS v2.0.3Patch 04/21/16Unavailable
iOS v2.0.2Patch 04/14/16 Unavailable
iOS v2.0.1Patch 02/26/16 Unavailable


Android releases

To download the latest ServiceNow Android release, visit the Google Play store.

Release versionRelease typeReleased onAvailability
Android v4.2Patch09/06/18Available
Android v4.1Patch04/02/18Unaailable
Android v4.0.1Patch12/12/17Unavailable
Android v4.0Version11/17/17Unavailable
Android v3.3Patch10/5/17Unavailable
Android v3.2Patch08/15/17Unavailable
Android v3.1Patch07/19/17Unavailable
Android v3.0Version05/08/17Unavailable
Android v2.3Patch03/31/17Unavailable
Android v2.2Patch03/01/17Unavailable
Android v2.1Patch01/09/17Unavailable

Android v2.0

Istanbul mobile release notes

Android v1.0.2Patch 09/08/16Unavailable
Android v1.0.1Patch 08/22/16Unavailable

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