When MID Server is using WMI for Discovery instead of the "Windows - Installed Software" PowerShell probe, the log displays the message: "FQDN parsing error! The regex ^([^.]+)\.((?:[^.]+\.)+[^.]+)$ was not able to parse 'undefined'." The error is "Cannot convert null to an object". In addition, the instance does not report all the available software and adds either @type or #text to the names of the reported software.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Add the mid.use_powershell configuration parameter to the MID Server and set the value to false.

  2. Run Discovery on a Windows operating system.

  3. Check the computer CI.

  4. In the Software installations tab, check the quantity of software discovered.

    Note that the quantity is less than expected.

  5. Check the WMI: Installed Software input in the ECC queue input.

    Note that the @type term was added to the software names.



Set the mid.use_powershell configuration parameter in the MID Server to true.

Related Problem: PRB713809

Seen In

Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 7 Hot Fix 2

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