When Discovery finds Oracle RAC clusters, it triggers multiple process classifiers and probes. This leads to duplicate records in the CMDB.

Discovery scans the main Oracle RAC cluster server. During the ADM process, Discovery finds the ora_pmon processes running for all the different DB instances controlled by the cluster, and then creates the Oracle Instance records based on these SID values. However, once Discovery runs the Oracle probes to read information from the PFiles and the Oratab file, these Oracle instances may not actually be running on the server. Therefore, Discovery encounters errors such as No Oracle oratab file found. The Oracle instance records are not updated with information like oracle_home, version, etc. Finally, as Discovery starts scanning the other nodes in the cluster, it finds these processes running on those nodes, and it creates new instance records for these as well.

Steps to Reproduce


Run Discovery on an Oracle RAC server and some other nodes linked to that server.

Depending on which Oracle instances are running on these different servers, multiple records for the same instance are created in the CMDB.



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