A script to hide a New button on a form's related list does not work in a scoped application.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a scoped application.

  2. Create a parent table in the scoped application.

  3. Create a child table in the scoped application.

  4. On the parent table form, define a related list using the child table.

  5. Edit the List control for the child table records as follows:

    var answer;
    if( == 'true'){
       answer = true;

  6. Refresh the parent record and then view the localhost log.

    Example entry found in the log:

    05/18/16 10:20:08 (764) BF4699944F23DA00CDF07D2CA310C7DA Evaluator: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "parent" is not defined. Caused by error in sys_ui_list_control.932b96c44f2b5e007ee5fd218110c772 at line 2


No workaround exists at this time. 

Related Problem: PRB677747

Seen In

Geneva Patch 1 Hot Fix 7

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