Japanese Kana (Japanese syllabary) are added when importing Excel (xlsx) file that includes Japanese. The Japanese Kana, which is the Japanese Katakana character of the Kanji imported, should not be added.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Download the attached Excel file named 20161011.xlsx.
  2. Open the Excel file.
  3. Confirm u_organization_name fields are:
    •  ID管理
    • IS-社員 
  4. Log in to your instance.
  5. Navigate to System Import Sets > Load Data.

  6. Select Create table.

  7. Type in a Label.

  8. Select File.
  9. Click Chose File and navigate to the Excel file you downloaded in step 1.

  10. Click Submit.

  11. Click Load data.

  12. Click one of the numbers in the Row column.

  13. Confirm Japanese Kana(シャインis added to the Organization name field.


This error is specific to the .xlsx format. In Microsoft Excel, convert the .xlsx file into .xls format. Then, import the file into the ServiceNow instance. 

Related Problem: PRB717095

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Helsinki Patch 5

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