When you use interactive SQL to get the length of the content of a field that has more than 16,383 bytes and the field dictionary is defined to have a max length of 16,383, the application returns 65535.

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Change the max length of the close_notes field of the change request table to 16383.
  2. Create a new change request record that has Number field value CHG123 & Close notes field with a string of 70000 characters (add the field to the form if it isn't already there).
  3. Open iSQL and connect to the instance: connect username*password@servicenow
  4. Run the statement select length(close_notes) from change_request;

Expected result: 16383 - the maximum field length defined in the dictionary.

Actual result: 65535


Upgrade to version 1.0.11 of the ODBC Driver.

Related Problem: PRB716125

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