ServiceNow Mobile Version - Android v2.0

The ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v2.0 release provides fixes for the ServiceNow mobile application.


Download the latest version

To download the ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v2.0 release, visit the Google Play store.


Security fixes
Category Problem Short description
Mobile PRB717529 Screen capture via third-party apps (Android)
Mobile PRB717532 Backup mode enabled (Android)


Other fixed problems

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



After viewing an image in chat, the list scrolls to the bottom In the Android app, when a user enters a Connect conversation and scrolls up in history to load older chats and clicks on an image, going back to the chat only loads the most recent history and scrolls to the bottom.
  1. Navigate to a Connect conversation.
  2. Scroll back up in the conversation a few pages.
  3. Tap on an image.
  4. Tap back to the conversation.

Expected behavior: The user should remain at the same place in the conversation.

Actual behavior: The user is brought back to the most recent messages.



Handle tel: and mailto: links in forms / webviews Phone number and email address links are not supported in forms and wrapped webviews.
  1. Load a form with a phone number and/or email address (e.g. user record).
  2. Click on the phone or email icon.

Expected behavior: The app should launch out to the phone or email.

Actual behavior: Users see a "Cannot load page" error.



Fix timing crashes These crashes are all timing-related, and they are not always or easily reproducible.

The fix for this PRB should fix certain crashes that sometimes occur when loading the following screens and possibly hitting the back button, up button, or rotating before the page is finished loading:

  • Loading favorites screen with visualization
  • Loading a list while the list is simultanously refreshing
  • Loading record 'activity stream' detail page
  • On a form, when a goBack ui action script is triggered
  • Editing a filter condition
  • Loading a profile page
  • Logging out



Unable to log in to HI via the mobile app for Android Users are unable to log in to HI from the Android app. After entering credentials, the app shows a message ('says Error logging in') and takes the user back to the login screen. This occurs for users with and without multi-factor authentication.
  1. Open the Android app.
  2. Enter your credentials to log in.

Note the error message.


Fixes included with Android v2.0



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