Records created from Parent/Child templates may not be linked by the correct field. For example, Change Task records may be linked to a Change Request record by the Parent field, instead of the Change Request field, which may not be displayed on the Change Task > Change Request related list.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create the master template.

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Templates.

    2. Click New.

    3. Give the template a name and set the table in this case [change_request].

    4. Add fields to be set automatically in the change request.

    5. Save the record by right-clicking the header bar and selecting Save.

  2. Create more than one child tasks for this change request. Each task will be its own new template.

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Templates, and then click New.

    2. Give the template a name and set the table to [change_task].

    3. Add the necessary fields that you want the template to auto-populate for new change requests.

    4. After you add each field, right-click the form header and select Save.

    5. Repeat these steps to create as many change task templates as needed.

  3. Link the templates.

    1. Open the first template, which is the master for the change request.

    2. Configuring Forms and add the Next Related Child Template and Next Related Template fields.

    3. Link the first template to the child template using the Next Related Child Template field. In this reference field, enter the name of the first change task template that you created, which in this example is named New Server Task 1.

    4. Click Update.

    5. Open this first child task template, which is called New Server Task 1 in this example.

    6. Click the lookup icon next to the Next Related Template field and select the next child template. This field links the current template to the next child template.

    7. Click Update.

    8. Repeats these steps until all templates are linked together.

  4. Use the template in a module.

    1. Right-click the Change application and select Edit Application Menu.

    2. Click New in the Modules related list. 

      A UI Policy for New Record type modules removes the Arguments field from the form. To use the templates, you have to construct a URL that references the templates.

  5. Give the module a name.

  6. Select the [change_request] table.

  7. Select URL (from arguments) for the link type.

  8. Enter the following text in the Arguments field, but replace the link with the name of the appropriate master template: Server

    Using the module will create a new record, populated with the template



  1. Open the first template, which is the master for the change request.

  2. Configure the form and add the field Link Element.

  3. Enter "change_request" as the link field.

  4. Save the template.

    Your templates will now be explicitly linked.

Related Problem: PRB692578

Seen In

Eureka Patch 13 Hot Fix 5
Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 8
Helsinki Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 3
Helsinki Patch 3 Hot Fix 2
Helsinki Patch 4

Fixed In

Helsinki Patch 9
Istanbul Patch 3

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