A required checkbox, which the user has to check to proceed, is not supported now in Service Catalog. If a checkbox option shows a red asterisk indicating that the option is required, the desktop version correctly ignores it, but in the mobile version, you cannot proceed to check out without checking the check box.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.

  2. Make the Adobe Photoshop item mandatory.

    1. Select Sales Laptop.
    2. Under Variables, select the Checkbox entry for Adobe Photoshop.
    3. Check the Mandatory checkbox.
    4. Click Update.
  3. Add $m.do to your URL to test in the mobile version.

  4. Order the Sales Laptop.

  5. Do not select any software.

  6. Click Add to Cart.

    On a desktop, the Adobe Photoshop item will show a red asterisk but will allow you to add the laptop to the cart. In the Geneva mobile view, the item can't be added to the cart unless you select the Adobe Photoshop item.



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Related Problem: PRB673967

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Geneva Patch 4

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