The new journal entry copying mechanism assumes the target table has a comments and/or work_notes journal field, and doesn't check before attempting to modify said fields. This results in a null pointer error.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a Connect Action that creates a record off of a support conversation (replace "new_call" with any non-TASK based table, or any table without comments or work notes).

    response.newRecord("new_call", {
    short_description: conversation.document.short_description || "",
    caller: conversation.document.opened_by

  2. Create a Support conversation.

  3. As the agent, use the new action to spawn a new record.

  4. Submit the record form.

    Note that the action doesn't behave as expected, and there is a null pointer error in the logs.



Add Work Notes and Comment journal fields to the table. 

Related Problem: PRB709463

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Helsinki Patch 3

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