Bar chart colors do not reflect 'Chart Colors = use chart colors' choice when setting 'Group by' to a dot-walked field. Because you cannot select dot-walked fields in the Chart Colors form, chart colors cannot be applied to a "group by" or "stack by" on a dot-walked field.

Steps to Reproduce


Create a chart report that groups on a dot-walked field

  1. Navigate to Report > Administration > Chart Colors.

  2. Create a color for each group value from the report.

  3. Set the report to use chart colors (if defined) in Chart color configuration.

    Note that the chart still uses the Default color scheme because it cannot map values specified in the chart colors with values from groups on the report.


Add the allow_references attribute to the sys_report_chart_color.element field.

  1. Open any Chart Color record
  2. Right click on the Element label and choose Configure Dictionary
  3. Add allow_references=true to Attributes field (switch to Advanced view if this field is not visible).

When configuring a Chart Color record for a report that groups on a dot-walked field, the element value needs to contain the full dot-walk path (for example, task.ref_incident.incident_state,, incident.assignment_group,...). This value needs to be the real value, not the label. For example, 0/1 instead of true/false; 1/2/3 instead of New/In Progress/On Hold.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Administration > Chart Colors and open an existing record or create a new one.

  2. Set the Name to the table you are reporting on.

    The Element field now allows you to dot-walk to a field, same as on the report.

  3. Set the Value and Color, keeping in mind that you need to use values and not labels or display values if the target field is true/false, choice or reference.

Note that it is not possible to dot-walk to an extended field (for example, task.ref_incident.incident_state). In this case, you can copy/paste the dot-walk path from the URL on the page that opens when drilling down to one of the report results. Use that value to populate relevant Element fields from list view on the Chart Color table

Related Problem: PRB652317

Seen In

Eureka Patch 12
Fuji Patch 11
Helsinki Patch 4

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 8

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