Known Error Portal: Key Known Error articles organized by version


A new Known Error portal page (KB0597477) makes key known error articles easier to find by listing them on pages based on family version and organizing them by severity and category. Criteria have been applied to the 2,500+ known error articles in our knowledge base to display a subset of data found to be most crucial to a large number of customers.

To access the release in which you are interested, click the applicable family version.

A page is displayed showing tables that list the related known error articles categorized by severity level and grouped by category. Click the link in the Article column to view the related article.

You can submit comments about the content of an article through the Leave a comment field at the bottom of the article.


Data criteria
The articles included in the tables meet the following criteria:
  • Apply to the three most recent releases (at time of publishing: Fuji, Geneva, and Helsinki)
  • Articles that are most popular for prevalent issues
  • General Availability for upgrading with a date as of today or earlier, based on QPP.
  • Items that are "Not Fixed", a state that usually reflects one of the following methodologies:
    • After careful consideration of the severity and frequency of the issue, and the cost and risk of attempting a fix, it has been decided not to address this issue in any current or future releases
    • Due to the complexity and associated risk with going back into a product that has already been released and changing the code to fix a defect, we may decide NOT to fix an issue that either does not appear to be affecting a substantial subset of our customers OR does not appear to be critical in nature.
NoteTo locate articles not included in the tables, you can do a general search of our entire knowledge base.


You can access the Known Error Portal by clicking on direct links found on the Service Portal Home page, Get Help page and soon to come, Manage Instance page.

You can also go to the Known Error Knowledge Base and click on the Known Error Portal category to access the landing page.

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