When re-importing an Easy Import template in Geneva, even if the data has not changed, the import fails. An error appears stating that some columns do not exist. This error occurs when multiple columns in the template have the same label.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance with the Geneva release installed.
  2. Navigate to cmdb_ci_netgear.list
  3. Select Import > Update and click on Create Excel Template to generate the template.
    Don't change anything in the template.
  4. Select Import > Update again to import this template.
  5. Preview the imported data. You see following error message:

    The following fields have been ignored, because they don't exist on the destination table...

The issue is with the column labels exported to template. Two of the columns, install_status and hardware_status, had the same label of "Status." When importing back, the import process cannot distinguish between the columns.


  1. Change column labels to be unique.
  2. Perform the import operation.
  3. Revert to the previous names.

Related Problem: PRB710454

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