Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 3: Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 3, grouped by serverity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Helsinki Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0597507PRB709421Import / ExportImport Set Deleter job causing instances to run low or out of memory, causing performance issues on the affected node
KB0594678PRB674257PersistenceChanges on Dictionary Field Type of glommed field on one of the extending tables is changing the database field type instead of changing the sys_storage_alias
KB0563680PRB655488SecurityCustomers using the SSLv3 protocol or the RC4 cipher will experience broken integrations when upgraded to Java 1.6.0_101 or 1.8.0_40
KB0550782PRB633674Tables and Dictionaryfix_contract_sla_sys_class_name performs an update on sys_metadata on records having sys_class_name = null and sets the value to "contract_sla"

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0584687PRB661284AuthenticationMulti-Provider SSO - Error Using Sign AuthnRequest
KB0596785PRB697208Core PlatformA large number of Rhino JavaAdapter classes being generated and cached is causing a memory leak
KB0595656PRB683856Customer Service ManagementThe Special Handling Notes are displayed with an HTML tag
KB0549940PRB628009DiscoveryDiscovery does not add disks from a NetApp Storage device to the CMDB
KB0540905PRB606205EmailEmails render with Global domain display values for choice list labels
KB0583973PRB666131FormsIf field preceding activity stream is read-only, the stream does not show inputs
KB0550026PRB626640Knowledge Management"Disable category editing" allows category editing when category picker is used from a new kb_knowledge record
KB0596411PRB692248Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Browse page does not show articles if the category selected has more than 160 nested subcategories
KB0596412PRB660783Knowledge ManagementVertical scroll bar is not enabled for $ inside iframe in ESS portal
KB0584332PRB667446Memory: Heap SpaceExport of a large amount of image data to PDF causes export error, performance degradation, or crash
KB0595192PRB680809Performance AnalyticsDuring scores collection, if the domain is global and there are existing scores for the collection day, scores are not deleted prior to re-collection
KB0584330PRB667646Performance Analytics ApplicationPaging arrows are not visible on Performance Analytics dashboards
KB0594575PRB664557Service CatalogCatalog UI policies are not applying to variables in a RITM / Catalog Task variable editor when read-only
KB0596179PRB686241Service CatalogCatalog UI policy on a new variable on a catalog item causes error on existing request items without the new variable
KB0562895PRB655728Service CatalogMore information tag on Service Catalog Variables turns HTML into escaped text
KB0562895PRB663858Service CatalogMore information tag on Service Catalog Variables turns HTML into escaped text
KB0584813PRB647489Skills Mgmt / TimecardsWhen adding a member to a group with existing skills, the skills are assigned but with the 'Inherited from' field not set
KB0523209PRB583653SLAWorkflows do not stop when the task SLA and the workflow context are domain separated
KB0539465PRB589895Team DevelopmentRecord name field disappears when using 'Filter Out' in in the Local Changes list in Team Development
KB0597466PRB659934User Interface (UI)Accessing a public report from type List deletes the default record of the report table from sys_ui_list, causing the default list for a table to revert to its system-generated version
KB0565467PRB661075User Interface (UI)As an ITIL user, personalizing lists does not update the list layout
KB0583974PRB655338User Interface (UI)Inconsistent placement of Additional Comments and Work Notes fields (activity stream) in UI16
KB0549987PRB626878User Interface (UI)Reference fields made read-only using UI Policy or Client Script can still be edited using the lookup icon
KB0597917PRB692216User Interface (UI)Safari 10.x in MacOS Sierra sends users to UI11
KB0564331PRB656738User Interface (UI)Style issues with Additional Comments field and Activity Formatter display
KB0597526PRB697039User Interface (UI)When using List v3 the iFrame does not resize correctly for content pages with list of records
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11

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