Geneva Patch 9: Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in Geneva Patch 9, grouped by serverity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Geneva Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0597327 PRB703022 Authentication LDAP requests fail after upgrade to Helsinki
KB0598789 PRB719336 Cloud Management Application Amazon Web Services (AWS) describeImages probes can cause nodes to run out of memory when processed
KB0546751 PRB614207 CMDB CI forms load slowly and may cause a node out-of-memory condition if they include a CI Relations formatter and the CI has many downstream relationships
KB0598098 PRB690539 Core Platform SOAPProcessorThread not cancelable when stuck in a long-running loop or infinite loop inside a business rule or other Javascript
KB0597507 PRB709421 Import / Export Import Set Deleter job causing instances to run low or out of memory, causing performance issues on the affected node
KB0551021 PRB638127 Knowledge Management Users without the admin role are unable to create knowledge articles
KB0594678 PRB674257 Persistence Changes on Dictionary Field Type of glommed field on one of the extending tables is changing the database field type instead of changing the sys_storage_alias
KB0563680 PRB655488 Security Customers using the SSLv3 protocol or the RC4 cipher will experience broken integrations when upgraded to Java 1.6.0_101 or 1.8.0_40
KB0549425 PRB618449 Server Side Scripting GlideRecord.addQuery(name, undefined) causes severe performance degradation (retrieves all rows)
KB0547500 PRB623955 Service Catalog Recursive ChoiceListGenerator calls can exhaust/throttle semaphores, causing a node to become unresponsive
KB0598198 PRB684790 Usage Analytics UsageAnalytics Count Persistor scheduled job can cause out of memory when processing certain count config definitions
KB0598416 PRB713556 User Interface (UI) Using AMB Client on the parent frame from the contained frame causes a memory leak in IE11

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0552741 PRB651645 Asset Management Business rule 'Create CI on insert' on alm_asset has an invalid Condition
KB0598203 PRB649671 Authentication Digest Authentication is not functioning as expected via the Multi-SSO configuration
KB0584687 PRB661284 Authentication Error using Sign AuthnRequest with Multi-Provider SSO
KB0550042 PRB632046 Chat Slow live feed queries in Collaboration are leading to instance performance degradations
KB0546680 PRB618904 Chat Using IE 9, IE 10, or IE 11, you cannot place the cursor in the middle of a word when in the chat window
KB0598797 PRB663054 Cloud Management Application AWS Discovery fails to discover images in US regions
KB0552017 PRB633783 Content Management System (CMS) Adding multiple iFrames to a CMS page causes the pages scroll bar to explode causing unwanted white space
KB0546757 PRB619719 Content Management System (CMS) Domain separated CMS login and homepages are directing users to invalid pages
KB0529664 PRB590472 Content Management System (CMS) Expand to fit content sizing property is not working for iFrames
KB0598081 PRB668819 Content Management System (CMS) iFrame expands infinitely long when initialized from dynamic content block using Firefox browser
KB0538576 PRB600914 Content Management System (CMS) iFrame page is scrolling indefinitely when trying to edit ESS pages
KB0598076 PRB675711 Content Management System (CMS) Slushbucket fails to render on CMS portal
KB0552071 PRB648291 Content Management System (CMS) Vertical scroll bars are overlaid and overlapped on incident form in CMS on IE
KB0598072 PRB621276 Content Management System (CMS) When using a UI Macro to call an iFrame for kb_find.do on CMS, Search field does not display
KB0549375 PRB622511 Core Platform Service Creator record producers do not pass the attachment through to the record
KB0598403 PRB670592 Demand Management The role tsp1_demand_manager contains role demand_manager, causing a security issue for user of team spaces
KB0565023 PRB660591 Discovery Nodes recycle/restart due to high memory consumption when processing Shazzam sensors (due to large payloads returned from Shazzam)
KB0598386 PRB674191 Discovery The Model Name and Manufacturer fields are switched
KB0598962 PRB619995 Email Email client fails to save or send email if a certain size is exceeded
KB0540905 PRB606205 Email Emails render with Global domain display values for choice list labels
KB0546714 PRB603063 Email Notification devices display an invalid choice for the Type field. The value, email, appears in blue text and does not exist as one of the sys_choice values for the Type field.
KB0522342 PRB577622 Email Subscribable notifications sending to all users after one user changes subscribable preferences
KB0584473 PRB651383 Express In Express, 'Run After Approval' with conditions does not work for certain tables
KB0598128 PRB659932 Filters Workflow activity Condition Builders allow selecting catalog item Variables, which then do not evaluate correctly
KB0564252 PRB643361 Forms A reference field placed on a new record form in Reference List view have disabled reference lookup controls positioned incorrectly
KB0583973 PRB666131 Forms If field preceding activity stream is read-only, the stream does not show inputs
KB0551166 PRB624607 Forms Possible to click "Submit" button multiple times when creating a record
KB0598780 PRB630977 Forms When approval summarizer is anywhere other than at the bottom of the approval form, UI action buttons aren't placed properly
KB0598025 PRB706117 HR Service Management HR demo data defaults are reactivated and overwrite customizations upon upgrade
KB0596143 PRB674142 Import / Export Export to Excel fails if one of the columns is currency
KB0594675 PRB639271 Import / Export The com.glide.loader.verify_target_field_size property does not work for web service import sets
KB0550600 PRB628781 Import / Export TimeZone offset is not calculated correctly between 12PM-1PM when a transform script is executed
KB0595652 PRB633363 Import / Export [action] variable is not available in [field map] script in transform map starting in Fuji
KB0594839 PRB673036 JS/HTML Editor Unable to access catalog items via reference icon on Catalog Client Script form
KB0550026 PRB626640 Knowledge Management "Disable category editing" allows category editing when category picker is used from a new kb_knowledge record
KB0550121 PRB629834 Knowledge Management Knowledge search is hardcoded to ignore search terms with fewer than 3 characters
KB0551911 PRB633975 Knowledge Management Need method to make new Knowledge v3 home pages ($knowledge.do) public (New Jelly Page)
KB0550682 PRB631257 Knowledge Management Print and Feedback links on kb_view not working as expected
KB0596412 PRB660783 Knowledge Management Vertical scroll bar is not enabled for $knowledge.do inside iframe in ESS portal
KB0595205 PRB624982 Language and Translations Translated decimal field does not convert dot to comma
KB0547158 PRB623148 Lists Record link in list view becomes unclickable when updating the respective record and navigating back to the list
KB0584506 PRB650566 Lists User list personalizations may be visible to other users with the same roles
KB0598367 PRB696721 Mobile On the Mobile app, when Assignment Group is cleared, Assigned To does not return records
KB0598094 PRB673967 Mobile Service Catalog mandatory checkbox variable must be checked on mobile version but not on desktop version
KB0551149 PRB633086 Mobile Tablet view NOT displaying correctly in Firefox
KB0551938 PRB634397 ODBC ODBC driver fails to get data or connect when invoking multiple or parallel connections
KB0550658 PRB627015 On-call Scheduling OnCallRemindersNG().getNumberOfDaysTillNextRotation() function returning incorrect number of days when it spans a daylight savings change
KB0553307 PRB626938 Performance Analytics Attempting to modify a dashboard causes a JavaScript error.
KB0597486 PRB666470 Performance Analytics Performance Analytics widgets break when the "Show target" option is selected, and scorecards do not appear
KB0546722 PRB603510 Platform Performance Indexing a very large Excel document can cause a node to run out of memory
KB0598369 PRB608338 Platform Performance Within a synchronized block, a db call causes the node to become unavailable
KB0610433 PRB710680 Project Management Program and Portfolio manager roles get Access Denied error when trying to access Program and Portfolio workbench modules
KB0553705 PRB640859 Reporting Unicode characters removed from PDF export (for example, ஹலோ)
KB0596724 PRB660102 Reporting When a report saves for the first time, the groups and users in the sharing options are not saved
KB0551869 PRB648096 Schedules Calendar pages are not displaying dates for change requests
KB0547173 PRB623049 SDLC Upgrading the [SDLC - Scrum Process Pack] doesn't re-create the sys_choice records for state field on rm_story table
KB0598175 PRB663869 Server Side Scripting EmailLogger is not available in global scope in Geneva
KB0541163 PRB607551 Service Catalog "Add Categories" Button not working on Service Catalog
KB0551374 PRB636980 Service Catalog Blank screen after clicking "Proceed to Checkout" on two-step shopping cart page when a catalog item or variable question contains an ampersand
KB0540605 PRB605683 Service Catalog Catalog item search within CMS not functioning properly
KB0594575 PRB664557 Service Catalog Catalog UI policies are not applying to variables in a RITM / Catalog Task variable editor when read-only
KB0596179 PRB686241 Service Catalog Catalog UI policy on a new variable on a catalog item causes error on existing request items without the new variable
KB0546364 PRB604475 Service Catalog Content item opens within catalog when the target configuration is set to open in new window
KB0563834 PRB655476 Service Catalog Labels above sets of checkbox variables are no longer automatically hidden when the checkboxes are all hidden
KB0562895 PRB663858 Service Catalog More information tag on Service Catalog Variables turns HTML into escaped text
KB0562895 PRB655728 Service Catalog More information tag on Service Catalog Variables turns HTML into escaped text
KB0551178 PRB628304 Service Catalog Multi Line Text variable cannot be hidden by setDisplay client script if read-only
KB0551489 PRB628491 Service Catalog Order guide tab with mandatory fields is not showing vertical red line when using some browsers
KB0594578 PRB646241 Service Catalog Service Catalog home page is blank to non-admin users if a category has no active items
KB0547429 PRB605818 Service Catalog Task form displays white spaces once variables are removed by UI policy or client script
KB0598348 PRB657894 Service Catalog The TASK table and the Catalog Task use the same numbering prefix, which causes number duplication
KB0584418 PRB667961 Service Catalog Unable to update variable when variable is used as condition.
KB0532690 PRB586760 Service Catalog Unique Key violation detected by database
KB0595225 PRB642491 Service Level Agreement (SLA) EXPRESS: SLA calculations do not occur on insertion of a new Service Catalog Request
KB0523128 PRB576080 Service Level Agreement (SLA) Service Offering SLA gauge always displays 100%
KB0523209 PRB583653 Service Level Agreement (SLA) Workflows do not stop when the task SLA and the workflow context are domain separated
KB0610429 PRB720998 User Interface (UI) Activity stream does not load if relationship changes are in the feed and modifications were made by an invalid or nonexistent user
KB0546836 PRB620592 User Interface (UI) Adding more then six OR conditions in a shortcut and dragging it to the bookmark bar does not work in Internet Explorer
KB0565467 PRB661075 User Interface (UI) As an ITIL user, personalizing lists does not update the list layout
KB0610274 PRB710758 User Interface (UI) Editing a report definition and expanding child tables is slow and delayed
KB0596992 PRB705910 User Interface (UI) Icons are wrong after upgrading, as the server always sends a '304 Not Modified' response even when the icon font has actually changed
KB0534762 PRB585707 User Interface (UI) In form sections issue, broken relationships between [sys_ui_section] and [sys_ui_form_section] records cause forms to not load
KB0595631 PRB668847 User Interface (UI) In Geneva patch 4, when the system property, glide.ui16.live_forms.enable, is set to true, additional comments and activity are not displayed in ESS portal
KB0565102 PRB654978 User Interface (UI) In the activity formatter, sent email messages are grouped together incorrectly
KB0583974 PRB655338 User Interface (UI) Inconsistent placement of Additional Comments and Work Notes fields (activity stream) in UI16
KB0564027 PRB628437 User Interface (UI) Long field label causes customize list slush bucket arrows to be covered on mouseover on IE9
KB0610409 PRB671427 User Interface (UI) Not all the fields are available for template_editor when creating new sys_template
KB0598488 PRB713397 User Interface (UI) Safari 10.0.1 redirects users to UI11
KB0597917 PRB692216 User Interface (UI) Safari 10.x in MacOS Sierra sends users to UI11
KB0610309 PRB668079 User Interface (UI) SLAs on Requested Item table fail when using a variable set
KB0564331 PRB656738 User Interface (UI) Style issues with Additional Comments field and Activity Formatter display
KB0594878 PRB652761 User Interface (UI) TimeAgo not calculating yesterday / 2 days ago correctly
KB0563749 PRB653119 User Interface (UI) When using the navigator with Chrome on the Geneva release, there is a memory leak
KB0598896 PRB689186 User Interface (UI) With List v3, the sys_user table list fails to load if the name field starts with a dot followed by a space
KB0564051 PRB632080 Web Services After upgrading, the SOAP API returns a sys_tags column
KB0549804 PRB630133 Workflow In list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11

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