Helsinki Patch 11: Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in Helsinki Patch 11, grouped by severity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Helsinki Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0623425PRB1073031Domain SupportUpgrades are causing domain table to be reset back to sys_user_group, causing recalculation of domain paths and unique constraint violations
KB0621762PRB881126Performance AnalyticsAll pa_snapshots for an indicator are deleted
KB0594678PRB674257PersistenceChanges on Dictionary Field Type of glommed field on one of the extending tables is changing the database field type instead of changing the sys_storage_alias
KB0563680PRB655488SecurityCustomers using the SSLv3 protocol or the RC4 cipher will experience broken integrations when upgraded to Java 1.6.0_101 or 1.8.0_40

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0622471PRB913668ArchivingRestored record points to archive table instead of original table
KB0634595PRB1058467Asset ManagementWhen Discovery and SCCM are operating together, the SCCM import creates duplicate Discovery model records
KB0623159PRB709024Asynchronous Message BusMultiple threads building AMB processor cache lead to duplicate registrations with Bayeux server.
KB0598203PRB649671AuthenticationDigest authentication is not functioning as expected via the Multi-SSO configuration
KB0584687PRB661284AuthenticationError using Sign AuthnRequest with Multi-Provider SSO
KB0598210PRB658875AuthenticationSubjectConfirmationData mismatch - SAMLRequests generated within seconds of each other
KB0622300PRB933587ChatCMS Chat Legacy "Not available" message is not showing when Schedule is out of hours
KB0635680PRB741898ChatEnable agents to create a record off a chat after a conversation is closed
KB0598797PRB663054Cloud Management ApplicationAWS Discovery fails to discover images in US regions
KB0552017PRB633783Content Management System (CMS)Adding multiple iFrames to a CMS page causes the pages scroll bar to explode causing unwanted white space
KB0551168PRB614862Content Management System (CMS)CMS site 'Search page' not overriding the Content Configuration 'Search page' when using the Search Results (Global) content block
KB0551891PRB614919Content Management System (CMS)Continue Shopping button in Edit Cart screen partially cut off
KB0546757PRB619719Content Management System (CMS)Domain separated CMS login and homepages are directing users to invalid pages
KB0538576PRB600914Content Management System (CMS)iFrame page is scrolling indefinitely when trying to edit ESS pages
KB0598086PRB649261Content Management System (CMS)In a new portal, the search text box in the search results page redirects to the base system portal
KB0598076PRB675711Content Management System (CMS)Slushbucket fails to render on CMS portal
KB0598078PRB668897Content Management System (CMS)User criteria does not work properly for catalog items on the ESS portal
KB0598072PRB621276Content Management System (CMS)When using a UI Macro to call an iFrame for on CMS, Search field does not display
KB0595656PRB683856Customer Service ManagementThe Special Handling Notes are displayed with an HTML tag
KB0596386PRB671489Database IndexesNew cmdb_ci table hierarchy causes loss of composite database indexes from the new cmdb table, potentially impacting performance
KB0565023PRB660591DiscoveryNodes recycle/restart due to high memory consumption when processing Shazzam sensors (due to large payloads returned from Shazzam)
KB0598386PRB674191DiscoveryThe Model Name and Manufacturer fields are switched
KB0598584PRB713809DiscoveryWhen MID server uses WMI for Discovery instead of the "Windows - Installed Software" PowerShell probe, Discovery does not return the correct data on installed software
KB0622288PRB808426DiscoveryWhen Windows Server 2016 is discovered, it is incorrectly classified as a Computer CI
KB0621559PRB679486Edge EncryptionAttachments on tables with encrypted attachments are corrupt
KB0621602PRB627055EmailEmojis which are four byte UTF8 cause email to be truncated in database
KB0635917PRB1100030EmailEvent Queue Critical - events delay caused by
KB0610500PRB645083EmailInbound Email Action unable to transfer attachments to target record due to calculated field on target table accessing getJournalEntry
KB0598246PRB718569EmailNotification preferences does not load in Firefox
KB0621803PRB731091EmailThe stop processing is not working when the 'Action Type' is set to 'Reply Email' for inbound email action
KB0534771PRB580382EmailWhen HTML is added to the "incident event" business rule, the HTML is being escaped
KB0551166PRB624607Forms and FieldsPossible to click "Submit" button multiple times when creating a record
KB0622130PRB924635Forms and FieldsPresence/Live Forms - Real-time updated checkbox, choice, perhaps other types of fields does not save properly
KB0594839PRB673036HTML EditorUnable to access catalog items via reference icon on Catalog Client Script form
KB0542325PRB607053Import / ExportExecuting imports from JDBC data sources that use both MID AND Direct import are not properly cancelled or disconnected
KB0623810PRB1073350Import / ExportSlow business rule 'Set synchronous import set' due to non-indexed sort in setImportSetRow function to retrieve next row number
KB0594675PRB639271Import / ExportThe com.glide.loader.verify_target_field_size property does not work for web service import sets
KB0597848PRB632390Import / ExportThe sys_update_version table grows excessively due to XML-based imports
KB0550600PRB628781Import / ExportTimeZone offset is not calculated correctly between 12PM-1PM when a transform script is executed
KB0596411PRB692248Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Browse page does not show articles if the category selected has more than 160 nested subcategories
KB0550121PRB629834Knowledge ManagementKnowledge search is hardcoded to ignore search terms with fewer than 3 characters
KB0551911PRB633975Knowledge ManagementNeed method to make new Knowledge v3 home pages ($ public (New Jelly Page)
KB0595205PRB624982Language and TranslationsTranslated decimal field does not convert dot to comma
KB0635225PRB1158535ListsIn Jakarta, setting the property 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' to 'false' causes issues with List v2 pagination and context menu
KB0598836PRB725047ListsSwitching between date comparison filters does not add a condition to the query string
KB0584506PRB650566ListsUser list personalizations may be visible to other users with the same roles
KB0623851PRB1020454Live FeedWhen attempting to copy/paste an image from the clipboard into the Screenshots entry window for Live Feeds while using the Chrome Browser, the image does not copy and returns a javascript error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only propert
KB0584332PRB667446Memory: Heap SpaceExport of a large amount of image data to PDF causes export error, performance degradation, or crash
KB0598819PRB709002MobileCaller information is not saved on the mobile app when creating a new incident
KB0598367PRB696721MobileOn the Mobile app, when Assignment Group is cleared, Assigned To does not return records
KB0550658PRB627015On-call SchedulingOnCallRemindersNG().getNumberOfDaysTillNextRotation() function returning incorrect number of days when it spans a daylight savings change
KB0597602PRB711960Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)Disk cache error: Field length:93238 exceeds maximum limit of 65535
KB0584330PRB667646Performance Analytics ApplicationPaging arrows are not visible on Performance Analytics dashboards
KB0623824PRB1095450Performance Statistics and GraphsPerformance Analytics dashboard empty after Jakarta upgrade
KB0634597PRB1096046PersistenceA field created on a base table is not available to an extended table after applying an update set
KB0623275PRB1028261PersistenceAdding a new column to very large tables with a default value can take an extremely long time.
KB0621591PRB832997PersistenceCopy from String (Full-UTF8) to String causes data truncation if content contains Unicode
KB0551305PRB645540PersistenceCustomization of a base system choice list for a field on extended table may be overwritten by an upgrade
KB0623236PRB672996PersistenceRe-parenting of cmdb_ci to cmdb during upgrade to Geneva can cause data loss on custom unique index cmdb_ci(serial_number, model_id)
KB0622432PRB704793Platform PerformanceWhen using UI16 in IE, the application navigator (left nav) is blank - it loads continuously or does not load
KB0623489PRB1079599Project ManagementMSP 2016 not supported in import
KB0598187PRB668806Project Portfolio ManagementCannot list edit related list if the Related List Loading option 'After Form Loads' or 'On-demand' is selected
KB0596724PRB660102ReportingWhen a report saves for the first time, the groups and users in the sharing options are not saved
KB0598175PRB663869Server Side ScriptingEmailLogger is not available in global scope in Geneva
KB0562870PRB656274Server Side ScriptingExcessively large script may cause Rhino to generate more Java byte code than is allowed by the Java specification
KB0621732PRB668581Service Catalog'Price if checked' and 'Recurring price if checked' fields are Decimal type, preventing the use of multi-currency for check box catalog variables
KB0551977PRB649908Service CatalogAdvanced reference qualifier does not use 'current' correctly on catalog task form when first loaded
KB0551374PRB636980Service CatalogBlank screen after clicking "Proceed to Checkout" on two-step shopping cart page when a catalog item or variable question contains an ampersand
KB0540605PRB605683Service CatalogCatalog item search within CMS not functioning properly
KB0563834PRB655476Service CatalogLabels above sets of checkbox variables are no longer automatically hidden when the checkboxes are all hidden
KB0562895PRB655728Service CatalogMore information tag on Service Catalog Variables turns HTML into escaped text
KB0562895PRB663858Service CatalogMore information tag on Service Catalog Variables turns HTML into escaped text
KB0621700PRB607831Service CatalogOrder Guide cascading variables indicate tab of Catalog Item as mandatory
KB0565511PRB648805Service CatalogSecondary nodes are unstable when User Criteria is enabled and there are LDAP imports
KB0596361PRB615579Service CatalogService Catalog "Select Box" variable Choice Table/Choice Field sys_choice entries are cached and not updated
KB0610420PRB652351Service CatalogService Catalog RITM records are intermittently created without their variables
KB0598348PRB657894Service CatalogThe TASK table and the Catalog Task use the same numbering prefix, which causes number duplication
KB0532690PRB586760Service CatalogUnique Key violation detected by database
KB0622780PRB702368Service CatalogWhen configuring user criteria in a domain separated environment, the user criteria is ignored.
KB0547541PRB587829Service Level Agreement (SLA)SLA preventing email from being processed for new notifications running on "Send when record is inserted or updated"
KB0634426PRB1003371Service Level Agreement (SLA)SLA retroactive start/pause - Incorrect timing calculation when attaching a Task SLA that is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching
KB0523209PRB583653Service Level Agreement (SLA)Workflows do not stop when the task SLA and the workflow context are domain separated
KB0610585PRB716958Service PortalIE11 Memory consumption issue in Service Portal
KB0621705PRB658692Tables and DictionaryCustom table label of re-created deleted table shows the label of the parent table
KB0539465PRB589895Team DevelopmentRecord name field disappears when using 'Filter Out' in in the Local Changes list in Team Development
KB0621740PRB878976Text SearchThe OOB "Max Indexable Size" for attachments is too high causing some attachments to still run the node OOM (.xlsx, .docx, etc)
KB0634638PRB742211UI ActionCurrency code is reverted to "$" when updating a currency field via the client script
KB0610429PRB720998UI ComponentsActivity stream does not load if relationship changes are in the feed and modifications were made by an invalid or nonexistent user
KB0565467PRB661075UI ComponentsAs an ITIL user, personalizing lists does not update the list layout
KB0635412PRB1107867UI ComponentsDomain picker breaking on upgrade if instance does not contain UI16 plugin (UI15 only)
KB0610426PRB670873UI ComponentsExtended tables display work notes above comments regardless of the order indicated in the form layout
KB0534762PRB585707UI ComponentsForm Sections configuration - Broken relationships between [sys_ui_section] and [sys_ui_form_section] records cause forms to not load
KB0583974PRB655338UI ComponentsInconsistent placement of Additional Comments and Work Notes fields (activity stream) in UI16
KB0598144PRB717583UI ComponentsList v3 dot-walked choice dropdown is blank
KB0598488PRB713397UI ComponentsSafari 10.0.1 redirects users to UI11
KB0597917PRB692216UI ComponentsSafari 10.x in MacOS Sierra sends users to UI11
KB0610309PRB668079UI ComponentsSLAs on Requested Item table fail when using a variable set
KB0564331PRB656738UI ComponentsStyle issues with Additional Comments field and Activity Formatter display
KB0597526PRB697039UI ComponentsWhen using List v3, the iFrame does not resize correctly for content pages with list of records
KB0635012PRB905758Usage AnalyticsUnable to activate plugins on sub-production instance(s) after cloning from production instance
KB0620947PRB738811Web ServicesAfter upgrade to Helsinki, integration traffic could be routed through the API_INT pool, instead of its previously specified dedicated pool
KB0552064PRB648984Web ServicesREST and other integration traffic often leads to stale session buildup and scarce available memory
KB0622125PRB904888WorkflowEmergency changes requested for re-approval after being rejected can cause duplicate approvals
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11

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