Data Source with URL encoded sysparm_query values fail to filter the results. If sysparm_query is NOT URL encoded, results filtering works correctly

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure that you have two instances available.
  2. On the first instance, create a new Data Source:
    • Name = TestFromDavian
    • Import set table label = TestFromDavian
    • Import set table name = u_testfromdavian
    • Type = File
    • Format = XML
    • XPath for each row = /xml/cmdb_ci_computer
    • File retrieval method = HTTPS
    • File path = /
    • Server = <another-instance>
    • User Name = <user-name for instance>
    • Password = <password for user>
  3. Click Save.
  4. On a second instance (target), create three new computer systems on
    • Name = test1,
    • Name = test2,
    • Name = test3, os = "Windows XP Professional" (select from the list).
  5. To validate, search on /
    It should retrieve one record.
  6. Execute the load all records on the data source.
    Note that it retrieves all three records ignoring sysparm_query as it does on the interface. It should retrieve one record ONLY based on the sysparm_query as it does on the interface.


Use file path without URL encoding.


Related Problem: PRB655847

Seen In

Fuji Patch 10

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