The 'your history' feature found on the menu navigator (clock icon on the menu navigator) does not work properly. For example, if you create a new incident, access "your history," and click on the incident, you are not directed to the recently created incident. Instead, a new incident record is created.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a new incident, change, or problem record.
  2. Fill in the mandatory fields.
  3. Submit the record.
  4. In the Application Navigator, click the Your history (clock) icon .
    Note that the history contains the record you just created and you can see it has the number under the type of record.
  5. Click on the record you just created.
    Note that a new record is created in the same table. Also, if you see that the short description you added is in the history entry then it will open the actual record you just created not a new record.


This problem was fixed by PRB698297 in Istanbul.

On older releases, create a new business rule with the following settings:

  • Name: PRB707138 workaround
  • Table: sys_ui_navigator_history
  • Active: selected
  • Advanced: cleared

When to run:

  • Insert: selected
  • Update: cleared
  • Filter conditions: URL contains sys_id=-1

On the Actions tab, select Abort Action.

Related Problem: PRB707138

Seen In

Geneva Patch 7
Helsinki Patch 1

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