Legacy calendar right-click and double-click with a mouse on cmn_member event record displays a dialog for users with the ITIL role that should not be visible to them. Users with the ITIL role are read-only users, unlike the rota_manager, rota_admin, or being the manager of the rota's group. Read-only users should not be able to see the Add Item dialog, but this defect allows them to see this dialog and to create Time Off records. However, read-only users should see only the read-only form dialog of cmn_member record.

Note - This issue occurs with mouse usage but not when using a track pad.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Set the sys_properties com.snc.on_call_rotation.show_legacy_calendar=true.

  2. Impersonate an ITIL user.

  3. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > On-Call Calendar.

  4. Using a mouse (not a trackpad) right-click on a rostered member and select view span.

    Note that instead of the read-only form of the cmn_rota_member record dialog, the Add Item dialog is displayed.




Import the attached cmn_schedule_page record.

Related Problem: PRB710917

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Helsinki Patch 1

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