A user cannot publish a workflow if an activity in the workflow is checked out and published by another user. For example if a user creates a custom activity and uses it in a workflow, but does not publish that workflow, and then another user checks out the activity and publishes it, a new version of the activity is created. When the original user attempts to publish or validate the workflow, the system displays this error message:
'Workflow version is invalid with Critical Errors - Total checks performed:16 (Info:15, Warn:0, Critical:1)'

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in as user A and create a custom activity.
  2. Publish the activity and then create a workflow using the activity, but do not publish the workflow.
  3. In the same browser, log in as user B and check out the custom activity created by user A.
  4. Publish the activity again.
  5. Log in as user A and attempt to publish or validate the workflow.
    Note the error message regarding the invalid version.


Whenever possible, publish workflows after creating custom activities.

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Related Problem: PRB690857

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Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 1

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