When discovering a clustered MSSQL application, the identification engine displays the following error in the system logs, and the CI is not created:

identification_engine : Output = {"items":[{"sysId":"Unknown","identifierEntrySysId":"Unknown","errors":[{"error":"MISSING_DEPENDENCY","message":"Cannot resolve dependency for '{\"values\":{\"discovery_source\":\"ServiceNow\",\"instance_name\":\"CLUSQL\",\"classifier\":\"7b91be46c0a80fd000fac9a374861146\",\"name\":\"CLUSQL@v-w2k3-cluster2\",\"running_process_command\":\"C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Microsoft SQL Server\\\\MSSQL.2\\\\MSSQL\\\\Binn\\\\sqlservr.exe\",\"running_process\":\"a784d1522b691200c137a4e305da1548\",\"running_process_parameters\":\"\\\"C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Microsoft SQL Server\\\\MSSQL.2\\\\MSSQL\\\\Binn\\\\sqlservr.exe\\\" -sCLUSQL\",\"category\":\"Resource\",\"subcategory\":\"Application\"},\"className\":\"cmdb_ci_db_mssql_instance\"}'"},{"error":"ABANDONED","message":"Too many other errors"}],"identificationAttempts":[]},{"className":"cmdb_ci_win_cluster","operation":"UPDATE","sysId":"ce9491522b691200c137a4e305da15b1","identifierEntrySysId":"Unknown","identificationAttempts":[]}],"relations":[{"sysId":"Unknown","identifierEntrySysId":"Unknown","errors":[{"error":"ABANDONED","message":"Too many other errors"}]}]}: no thrown error

The error message that appears in the Helsinki Discovery log is:

Error message: "Failed to insert classified application of type: cmdb_ci_db_mssql_instance"

This occurs because the cmdb_ci_appl table has a hosting "Runs on::Runs" relationship with the cmdb_ci_hardware table. The Windows cluster table (cmdb_ci_win_cluster) is not extended from the cmdb_ci_hardware table, and therefore produces a missing dependency error.

Note that there is a race condition between when the Windows - ADM sensor finishes running and the Windows - Cluster sensor finishes running, since they launch asynchronously. If the cluster is already created, this issue occurs when Discovery fails to insert the application.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. With the identification engine enabled (glide.discovery.use_cmdb_identifiers = true), discover a Windows cluster that has a node running MSSQL.
    Note that if the Windows - ADM sensor finishes before the cluster CI is created, the application is related to the host and not to the cluster, so it is possible to miss the error during the first Discovery.
  2. Re-discover the Windows cluster.
    This ensures that the cluster is created before the Windows - ADM sensor finishes.
    Note the error when the Windows - ADM sensor tries to insert the MSSQL instance.


There is no workaround for this issue. Upgrade to Helsinki Patch 5 or to the Istanbul release to receive the fix for this issue.

Related Problem: PRB662539

Seen In

Fuji Patch 11
Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 1
Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 3

Fixed In

Geneva Patch 10
Helsinki Patch 5

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