The Item Designer is not capturing the status change to Published.

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Navigate to Item Designer > Create New.

  2. Assign the following values:

    • Name: TestItemDesigner
    • Catalogs: Service Catalog
    • Categories: Services
    • Description: Test Item Designer
  3. Click Next.

  4. Under Related Links, click Add a Task.

  5. Assign the following values:

    • Assignment: Predefined
    • Assign to: Local database team for the requestor
    • Short description: Test Item Designer Task
  6. Click Submit.

  7. Right-click in the header and choose Personalize > Form Layout from the context menu.

  8. Use the slushbucket to add Activities (filtered) to the Selected list.

  9. Click Save.

    The item information shows a State of Draft.

  10. Click the Publish button.

    Note that the State field shows Published. The Activity field, however, still shows State: Draft. Also, if you right-click and choose History > List from the context menu, the audit history does not show a change in State from Draft to Published.

  11. Click the Unpublish button.

    Note that the State is now Draft and the Activity field shows Draft was Published. The History > List audit record shows the State change from Published to Draft.




  1. Comment the following two lines in the publish function of the script include sc_ic_Item:
    this._enableQuietUpdate(); <line num : 248>
    this._disableQuietUpdate(); <line num : 252>

  2. Add the following lines in the business rule "set draft if changed" defined in the sc_ic_item_staging table.

    Change the following lines:



    if (!(prev.state == sc_ic.DRAFT && current.state == sc_ic.PUBLISH)) {


    Note: The line numbers might not be exactly the same.

Related Problem: PRB677219

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Geneva Patch 4

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