Using JDBC from an Oracle database, the auto updating of the Last Run Date Time field adds an extra single quote to the query string and then fails to import.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a JDBC data source to import data from an Oracle database table.<?p>

  2. Select the Use last run datetime field and set to_date('2016-06-07','yyyy-mm-dd') as Last run datetime.

  3. Update the record.

    The system adds '' around the last run datetime value which causes a SQL exception when loading the records.



  1. Using the Oracle TIMESTAMP data type, set the time stamp in raw format (for example, 2016-05-01 16:04:30).

  2. Edit the time format specified in the Format last run datetime business rule according to your date time string, if the default format is different than your format.

    You might have to enter the last run datetime field name in all uppercase characters (such as INSERTED_ON instead of inserted_on)

Note – Although you can work around this problem by deactivating the 'Format last run datetime' business rule, the system in that case does not update the Last Run datetime value.

Related Problem: PRB667787

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Geneva Patch 4

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