Index creation from Transform does not work when coalesce fields exist on the parent table of the transform target table.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new transform map with the following values:

    • Name: <Your choice>
    • Source table: Any available table
    • Target table: Software Catalog [pc_software_cat_item]
  2. Add a field mapping with the following values to the transform map:

    • Use source script: selected
    • Target field: Product ID (Note: Product ID is a field from the table Product Catalog Item [pc_product_cat_item])
    • Coalesce: Checked
  3. Save the transform entry and transform map.

  4. Reload the transform map.

    A message indicates that the coalesced fields are not indexed.

  5. Follow the prompts to create the index.

    Note that the system attempts to create the index on the Software Catalog [pc_software_cat_item] table where the field does not exist and fails.




Manually create an index for a coalesce field:

  1. Identify the actual table that the field belongs to. For example, the field 'product_id' belongs to the parent table pc_product_cat_item instead of the target table pc_software_cat_item.
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Tables & Columns.
  3. Select the table and then in the index creator section, select the coalesce field from the Available column and then select Create index.

Related Problem: PRB690388

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Geneva Patch 5

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