If a logged-in user is not configured with the admin role and you are using UI16 in your active session, the separators used to organize the left navigation pane might not open or close.

The following error appears in the browser console log: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null

Steps to Reproduce

This issue occurs on UI16 when non-admin users attempt to use the left navigation pane.


With one of your user accounts that is suffering from this issue:

  1. Log in to your instance as an affected user.
  2. Switch to an earlier version of the UI (such as UI11).
  3. Go through the left navigation pane, opening and closing each separator and noting the ones that do not behave correctly.
  4. Log in to the instance as an admin user.
  5. Disable all of the sys_app_module records that you could not close.
  6. Log in to the instance as one of the affected users and test for the issue again.
  7. Repeat this procedure if the issue persists until all of the corrupted records are disabled.

Note: This issue is related to roles on an application where the separator is an order higher than any other module in the application and no value is given for its role. Another possible workaround is to assign a role to the separator.

Related Problem: PRB687017

Seen In

Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 3
Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 5
Geneva Patch 5 Hot Fix 4
Geneva Patch 6
Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 7
Geneva Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 7 Hot Fix 9
Geneva Patch 9
Helsinki Patch 1
Helsinki Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 4

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