Geneva: Chat issues | Unexpected timeouts



After installing the Connect Support plugin to Geneva, users unexpectedly see the message [User X] has left the support session. This might also be accompanied by users mentioning that they are receiving warnings that their chat session will be closed and a message similar to You will be disconnected from the support session in X.

  1. Log in to an instance as an end user and request a support chat.

  2. In a separate browser session, as a chat agent, answer the end user's chat request.

  3. After 120 seconds, if the end user does not interact with the chat window, the following appears:

  • After 120 seconds of inactivity in the chat popup, the end user sees the message You will be disconnected from the support session in [countdown in seconds]
  • After another 60 seconds, the user sees a message in the chat popup indicating [Your User Name] has left the support session


This is the expected, default behavior of Connect Support. An inactive timer will eject a user from a chat if they don't do anything for 3 minutes (/$chat_support.do?queueID=c54f0abf0a0a0b452db84664f409c79c). This will happen even if the user is waiting on the chat agent to reply.
You can control this feature with the following two properties:
  • connect.support.idle.count_down: amount of time before you are removed (120 seconds by default)
  • connect.support.idle.delay: amount of time before you see the timer (60 seconds by default)


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Last Updated:2016-06-30 08:44:26