There are no translations for the incident_sla database view labels. When creating a report on a Database view, the column names in the column selection slushbucket are not translated. Reports created on normal tables are not affected.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to System Definitions > Plugins.
  2. Find the I18N: French Translations plugin, right-click and click on Activate/Upgrade.
  3. In the filter navigator, enter incident_sla.list.

Note that the labels are not translated and showing in English.


  1. Navigate to System Localization > Field Labels.
  2. Search the list by table for incident_sla.
  3. Manually add the field labels:
    1. Click New in the Field Label form and enter the two-character language code of the target language in the LabelPlural, and Hint fields.
    2. Click Insert to create a new record in the Field Label table for this field label in the selected language.

Related Problem: PRB683885

Seen In

Geneva Patch 6

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