When importing an XML file, if the XML contains columns that differ only by the 'u_' prefix, such as delivery_date and u_delivery_date, the XML import does not populate those columns with the correct values.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Download the attached .xml file.
  2. Create a new data source with these values:
    • Type: file
    • Format: XML
    • XPath for each row: //cmdb_ci_computer
    • File retrieval method: attachment
  3. Attach the XML record.
  4. Navigate to System Import Sets > Loaded Data.
  5. Create a new import set table with any name.
  6. Specify the source as the previously-created data source.
  7. Run the import.
  8. After the import completes, navigate to the loaded data and open the imported record.
    Note that the delivery date is empty.


Do not use multiple columns with names that only differ by 'u_.' Rename one column to avoid this issue.

Related Problem: PRB636559

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Helsinki Patch 1

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