In the base system, the content theme named "Gray" is used for the Employee Self-Service site (/ess). The CSS (added below) in the "Gray CSS - Base" style sheet of the "Gray" content theme causes the arrows on pagination buttons in reference look up popups to appear white. As the page has a white background, the arrows are not visible (see attached screenshot).

BUTTON, INPUT.button, BUTTON.header {
padding: 2px 6px 2px 6px;
background-color: #868686;
color: #FFF;
border: 1px solid #646464;

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the ESS site on the instance (/ess).
  3. Under Order Things, select Services.
  4. Click the VM Provisioning item.
  5. Next to the Who is the primary contact? field, click the magnifying glass icon to open the reference look up popup.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the list.
    The pagination buttons do not appear because they are white, with a white border, and on a white background. When you hover over one of the buttons, that button appears.


  1. Navigate to Content Management > Design > Themes.
  2. Open the Gray theme.
  3. In the Style Sheet related list, click New.
  4. Give the new style sheet a name, such as PRB680783-fix.
  5. Use the following code in the Style field:

.list_nav {
    color: black;

Related Problem: PRB680783

Seen In

Geneva Patch 4
Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 1

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