Planned maintenance to address data loss risks with the rollback function in the Fuji release


ServiceNow engineers have identified a defect in the way that requests to back out a system change are handled on the Fuji family release. Please refer to this article for a complete list of the affected versions, the scenarios where the user might experience the issue, and common questions regarding the maintenance ServiceNow is completing to add a safeguard to the instance to manage the risk.

An instance that is running one of the affected versions that has not had the write audit maintenance performed is at risk of data loss from the indicated UI actions. Customers who have instances on which the maintenance has not run should take steps to move their instances out of harm's way. Options include running the write audit script, upgrading to a version that is not in the Affected Versions list, or disabling the affected UI actions.

warning Warning: The risk from this problem represents a potential for data loss
Common questions about the associated problems and the maintenance
Q: Why are we performing the maintenance with an accelerated timeline?
A: Data loss outages represent a significant cost for our customers. The activity that triggers the data loss can be a part of any user"s workflow and can be run at any time. This is not an issue affecting the upgrade and represents a risk to the user in their day-to-day operations.
Q: What testing has been completed?
A: Thorough testing by the QE team has completed on all workflows where we are adding the UI actions. ServiceNow takes every step to ensure there are no adverse effects during or after the change.
Q: What will be different after the change?
A: When executing certain workflows to revert or back out a change, the user may see a pop-up message letting them know the workflow was aborted. If the workflow aborted, it is important that the user refer to the referenced KB article for next steps and potential workaround. In this case, there is a real risk of data loss.
Q: Do I need to do anything about these changes after upgrading to a fixed release?
A: The change will persist through multiple upgrades until a ServiceNow-authored fix script removes it. The internal logic of the UI actions will evaluate the version of the code that is running to decide whether to execute.
Q: Will this maintenance activity cause any downtime?
A: No. We do not anticipate any downtime for this maintenance activity.
Q: How are we fixing this issue?
A: Geneva has different logic for handling the underlying task. Because the architecture was significantly improved in Geneva, instances on that family or later are not at risk.
Q: What if I am upgrading or just upgraded to Fuji?
A: We will be monitoring upgrades. When an instance is upgraded to Fuji, it will be added to a rolling two-week recurring maintenance. Notification will be sent prior to the maintenance for all included instances.
Q: What if an instance is cloned between the time the maintenance updates the sub-production and the production instance?
A: We will be monitoring clones during the week and will follow up with customers that have executed clones during the period.
Q: How will this impact custom fields or forms?
A: Custom fields and forms are not treated any differently than out-of-the-box fields or forms. Schema changes on custom fields will not be automatically applied by any of the Revert or Back Out UI actions to ensure that no data is lost.
Q: Why is the button being completely removed from the Team Development dashboard?
A: At this time, we are unable to manage the risk associated with that UI action. In order to protect the user from potential data loss, the button has been removed and the user will see an error message referencing the relevant KB article.

Directory of Known Errors and affected versions

The following chart summarizes the Known Error KB articles related to this issue. The changes being made during the planned maintenance will add protections to each of the workflows.
note Note: The Known Error KB articles listed are the authoritative documents. If there appears to be a conflict between information in this article and in the detailed articles, the detailed articles take precedence.
TableUI ActionVersions AffectedAffected ByKnown Error
The following action operates on a set of records. After the change, we will enable a new UI action that will block attempts to execute the action if a Dictionary change is included.
Update Set [sys_update_set]
Push or Pull [sys_sync_history]
Back Out Fuji Patch 0 to Fuji Patch 12, inclusive PRB660182 KB0584841
The following actions operate on a single record. After the change, we will block any attempt to use these actions against Dictionary records.
Update Versions [sys_update_version] Revert to this version All Fuji patches PRB678181 KB0594798
Application File [sys_metadata] Revert to Store App All Fuji patches PRB678241 KB0594819
Upgrade Details [sys_upgrade_history_log] Revert to Out-of-box All Fuji patches PRB678322 KB0594818
Local Change [sys_sync_change] Back Out All Fuji patches PRB678336 KB0594820
Update Comparison [sys_update_diff] Revert All Fuji patches PRB678360 KB0594817
Upgrade Details [sys_upgrade_history_log] Back Out All Fuji patches PRB678361 KB0594816
Push or Pull Version [sys_sync_history_version] Use Pulled Version All Fuji patches PRB678237 KB0594812
Upgrade Details [sys_upgrade_history_log] Reapply Changes All Fuji patches PRB678425 KB0594822
For the following UI action, the button is being removed.
Team Dashboard [sys_sync_change] Back Out All All Fuji patches PRB678447 KB0594831



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