In Geneva, the UI Action table contains True/False fields called "UI11 Compatible" and "UI16 Compatible". These fields are not functional in Geneva. They are reserved for List v3 functionality, which is available starting with the Helsinki release. Note that the fields are relabeled "List v2 Compatible" and "List v3 Compatible" in Helsinki.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In a Geneva instance, navigate to

  2. Personalize the UI Action form and add the UI11 Compatible and UI16 Compatible fields.

  3. Note that selecting or clearing the check box for either field has no impact on the UI action.

Note – Restore the original field values and remove the fields from the UI Action form after testing. The fields should not be used in Geneva.


No workaround is available. Do not expose the UI11 Compatible or UI16 Compatible fields.

Related Problem: PRB676804

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