Knowledge Search Results from Contextual Search and the Knowledge Look-up icon do not display the Knowledge Base > Category tree in the results to identify which Knowledge Base the article belongs to. The categories are displayed but if multiple Knowledge Bases contain categories of the same name, the results can be misleading or confusing.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to and create new incident.

  2. Type "email" in the Short description field.

    With Contextual Search results on the form, the Knowledge Base and Categories are not displayed.

  3. Click Preview.

    The result does not show the Knowledge Base or Category to which the article belongs.

  4. Remove the Contextual Search results.

    1. Right-click in the header and choose Configure > Form Layout.

    2. Use the slushbucket to remove the Contextual Search Results from the form.

    3. Click Save.

    The Knowledge look-up icon (book) displays next to the Short description field.

  5. Click the icon after typing "email" in the Short description field.

    Note the results show the categories but not the Knowledge Base to which the article belongs.



This is a known limitation and will be treated as a product enhancement. To receive notifications when more information is available, subscribe to this Known Error article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of the article.

Related Problem: PRB666865

Seen In

Geneva Patch 6
Geneva Patch 7

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